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JT and DJ Barber(non-registered)
John/Barbara - most pleased to meet you folks at Creek 115 / Watson Lake / Whitehorse! Enjoyed conversations and your advice on some AK stop-overs. Hope to see you somewhere along the way again.
Landscape Photography album stole my heart :)
Steve Simpson(non-registered)
Very nice to meet you today in Red Rock Canyon State Park, California John! Hope you and the wife have a great experience in Death Valley and the weather cooperated. Take care and be safe.
Viola Aragon(non-registered)
You are without a doubt an amazing photographer!
Alan Hagenberger(non-registered)
I've looked through these photos several times and never noticed this guest book thing!
Hi John love your site! I will join the June 15 event can't wait to meet you and learn how to capture a good shot from you ;)
Mark Robbins(non-registered)
Talked with you as you were shooting the volcano at night from the museum in Hawaii. You gave me your card so I stopped by to check out the photos.
Sean V Howard(non-registered)
Inspiring work. Jamie was really talking you up today, I can see why! See you in the field...
Jeff Proehl(non-registered)
Wow! You've added quite a bit of work since I was last on here. Great job, John!
Sandy Frazier(non-registered)
John - great works - thanks for taking some time out to talk with the First Day hikers at Mason Neck.
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