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Created 28-Jan-12
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These images were taken of aircraft at various events. Along with birds, airplanes in flight are always an attraction. Since I live near Washington, DC there are two major airshows, one at Andrews JSB and Patuxent River NAS. Discovery photos were taken during the Washington, DC fly by and at Dulles International Airport as it was being delivered to the Uvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum. Others were taken as they come by!
P-51D Mustang "Glamorous Gal"GEICO SkytypersSean D. Tucker Flies Team Oracle Stunt PlaneSean D. Tucker Flies Team Oracle Stunt PlaneAV-8B Harrier II Jump JetBlue Angels Diamond FormationBlue Angels C-130 "Fat Albert"Blue Angels Diamond FormationBlue AngelsBlue Angels Fast CrossBlue Angels Diamond FormationBlue Angels Break FormationThunderbirds Full FormationThunderbirds Belly-to-BellyA-10C WarthogThunderbirds Tight FormationThunderbirds Fast PassThunderbirds Tight FormationThunderbird Blast ByThunderbirds Close Formation

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