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This gallery contains recent images I have taken not associated with recent trips. Many are taken from my trips. These are most recent images, not categorized yet but include landscapes, wildlife, macro and night photography. All images will be relocated at a later date to the logical galleries.
Icicles in the SunriseIcecicles on the RocksItinerant Labor HousesDoor and WindowsTattered Window CurtainsBowed-roof Barn Gable DetailBusting OutBowed-roof Barn and SiloIcicles and BoardsHorseshoes And Knot HolesBarn ReflectionsBlue IceIced Park BenchIce Covered PierIcicles WebCharter Boat ParkingIcicles FiligreeClass J 611 Locomotive, "Spirit of Roanoke"Class J 611 Locomotive, "Spirit of Roanoke"

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Keywords:Fine Art, Landscape, light painting, macro, night photography, scenic, wildlife