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This gallery includes images taken as we crossed the United States on our way home. It includes images from Benton Lake, Chief Mountain, Glacier, Theodore Roosevelt and other locations we found interesting.
Chief Mountain CrossingChief MountainChief Mountain SunsetAbandoned Farm House and ShedFemale Northern HarrierFemale Northern HarrierSavannah SparrowFemale Pronghorn AntelopeGreen-winged Teal LandingPeekaboo! Mule Deer BuckColumbian Ground SquirrelJuvenile Swainson's HawkSwainson's Hawk in FlightSwainson's Hawk in FlightShort-eared OwlShort-eared OwlShort-eared OwlShort-eared OwlMule Deer DoeBison

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