Created 24-Jun-14
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This gallery contains recent images I have taken on recent trips. These are most recent images, not categorized yet but include landscapes, wildlife, macro and night photography. All images will be relocated at a later date to the logical galleries.
Joshua Tree at SunsetRed Foxes Courtship DanceRed Fox PupsRed Fox PupsRed Fox PupsRed Fox PupsHooded WarblerCoopers HawkSandhill Cranes Morning FlightGreater RoadrunnerSandhill Cranes Flying at SunriseSandhill Crane DisplayingSnow Geese over the Super MoonWestern Grebes RushingWestern Grebes  RushingThreesome of Western Grebes RushingCalifornia Sea Lions on the RocksSunset at La Jolla

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